L & I Pension Options

If your injury is so complete that you will never be able to work again you will receive a pension.  If you are granted a pension, you can choose one of these two options:

Option 1: You can choose a full pension. However, if you die of causes unrelated to the work-related injury or disease, the worker’s survivors will not be eligible for pension payments.

Option 2 & 3: You can choose one of two types of reduced pensions. If you later die of causes unrelated to the work-related injury, your designated beneficiary will continue to receive pension payments. The amount that a worker’s beneficiaries will receive is determined by which reduced pension plan the worker chooses. If the worker takes a slightly reduced pension, beneficiaries will receive half the monthly pension amount the worker received. If the worker chooses to further reduce his/her pension, beneficiaries will continue to receive the full payments that the worker received.

Survivor Benefits

The surviving spouse receives a monthly pension if a work-related injury or occupational illness results in an employee’s death. Your dependent children (at the time of the injury) are paid a monthly pension. Payments continue for dependent children until they reach age 18.  If the children are full-time students at an accredited school those benefits can continue until age 23. The amount the beneficiaries receive is based on the formula used for setting time-loss compensation payments. In addition, survivors receive an immediate cash payment of 100% of the state’s average monthly wage, plus funeral expenses of up to 200% of the states average monthly wage. The wage changes each July 1st. If the surviving spouse remarries, he or she may choose either final cash settlement, or by not taking the settlement, keep the right to resume monthly pension payments if the marriage ends due to death or divorce.

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