Our firm focuses on financial protection. We have over 22 years of combined experience in the areas of bankruptcy, bankruptcy protection, debt negotiation, foreclosure defense, garnishment defense, collection defense. If you want attorneys who care and listen, we are for you. Over the last few years we have helped hundreds of families and families all over Western Washington. Our clients have come from Everett, Seattle, Kent, Tacoma, Olympia secure debt relief and the fresh start they deserve. Our fees are flexible and we offer flat fees and payment plans that will work for you.

Find out how Bankruptcy laws protect you, your family’s property and at the same time stops lawsuits, collections, repossessions, garnishments, and creditor’s harassing calls dead.

We understand that bankruptcy can be scary. We will take the time to talk to you simply and plainly. You will understand exactly how bankruptcy can help you and we will tell you if you might want to consider other options.

Most people are allowed to keep everything they own including household items, TVs, Computers, furnishings, cars, all retirement funds, IRAs, 401Ks, 403Bs, pensions, and even up to $125,000 in equity in your home. Before you try to move your money or assets around, talk to us first to make sure you don’t hurt yourself and do something not allowed under law. Contact us to discuss all of your ore-bankruptcy planning.

Bankruptcy can actually improve your credit in many cases. Many of our clients with credit scores in the low 500s actually see a 25 to 75 bump in their credit score within 12 months after their discharge. If your credit score is in the 600s, it usually stays about the same 12 months later. And for those folks that have filed with credit scores in the 700s, they have seen a small drop – perhaps as little as 25 to 45 points. Bad credit is caused by having late payments, defaults, collections, and lawsuits. Bankruptcy stops all of those bad hits to your credit thereby allowing your credit score to heal and improve. When we pull your credit reports we will give you an estimated snapshot of where your credit score is today and where it will be 12 months after your bankruptcy is over.

Have you lost your job, experienced financial stress from a divorce or illness, unexpected increases in expenses related to caring for your family, or just losing ground against increases in the costs of living, Bankruptcy may be your solution. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy relieves stress from financial pressures. Bankruptcy can zero out all of your debts and get you back to zero. Resetting your debt to zero becomes more important the closer to retirement you come and can be an effective tool in assisting with your financial planning.

Talk to a Kent bankruptcy attorney today!  In any case, the only thing that you have to lose is your debt.

Attorney Mark McClure and the lawyers who work with him are part of a Seattle / Kent based debt relief agency. With their affordable flat fees, they help individuals and families in throughout Washington resolve their debt problems through protection under the Washington State law and federal bankruptcy code.