Expert Witnesses

Your injuries are significant and the other side has plenty of money, but they deny liability, what do you do now?

Well, more than likely you will need to hire expert witnesses to explain why the other side is at fault and how they injured you.  An expert witness is defined as a witness who has “scientific, technical, or other specialized knowledge”. The expert uses that knowledge to help explain to the jury and judge what really happened and why the defendant’s explanation and excuses simply doesn’t hold water.  In cases where there is significant money involved, several experts will likely be needed.

There are many types of experts. Commonly attorneys use accident reconstruction experts; medical doctors and specialists; chiropractic doctors; vocational rehabilitation experts; and economists. Many others are used as well depending on the nature of the claim or accident.

When the injury is caused by a car accident, truck accident, boating accident, or a motorcycle accident, etc you will likely want to use an accident reconstruction expert.

An accident reconstructionist reconstructs the accident by using physics and engineering techniques. By using science, the reconstruction expert can form an opinion on how the accident occurred. They use the slope of the road, how wet, hot, dry, or cold the pavement was, the weight and size of the vehicles and any other physical parameters that can be measured and evaluated.  Newer vehicles also retain information in their data event recorders that can be downloaded and evaluated.  Using this information and more, an accident reconstruction expert can explain what really happened that lead to the accident.

Other professionals can include human factors experts. Human factor experts analyze what a person may have perceived at the moment just before the accident and how much time they would have had to react. Human factor experts coupled with an accident reconstructionist can provide a jury with a very clear understanding of what happened before and during the accident.

If your injuries prevent you from continuing to work in your chosen career, a life care planning expert can help in evaluating your vocational ability.

Finally, to determine the actual monetary loss you have experienced with a life and career altering accident, an economic loss expert can be retained. This expert calculates the real dollar loss that you have experienced for the jury.

Of course doctors, medical and chiropractic are very important experts.  Treating doctors can link you injury to the accident. This is vitally important because without a strong link, supported by a medical professional, showing that the injury was caused by the accident, there is no case.  We must have the causal link.

The Law Office of Mark McClure, in serious injury cases, utilizes and employs various expert witnesses.  These experts are necessary for these significant cases to ensure your damages as well as causality is established for the jury.

If have questions regarding the use of expert witnesses, please contact our office to discuss your questions.



Expert Witnesses