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(your creditors have lawyers, shouldn’t you?)

Are Your Creditors harassing you?  Are they calling you at work, demanding that you pay them money that you don’t have?  Are you always robbing Peter to pay Paul?  Are you falling behind on your power bills?  Worried about having gas money?  Do you feel like you can’t breathe and you are always anxious, nervous and upset because there simply isn’t enough money to go around?  Are you are worried about how you are going to pay the bills?  Are you over 35 and realize you haven’t started saving nearly enough for retirement? You may need a bankruptcy lawyer.

Relax.  We will provide you with information, options, and provide you with a bankruptcy lawyer to walk you through every step.

Call and talk to a lawyer for information about bankruptcy to see if you should consider Bankruptcy, debt settlement, or debt reorganization.  We can provide you with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your case and suggest how best to approach your particular problem.  We can help.

Many people are embarrassed, feel like a failure, or are simply afraid.  Don’t be.  Bankruptcy laws were created to give you a chance to simply tell your creditors to slow down and stop harassing you while you, your lawyer and the Bankruptcy Court determine if any assets (usually none) need to be surrendered to your creditors.

Congress, the United States Senate and the President approved the current Bankruptcy laws in 2005.  These laws were put in place to protect families from being abused while fairly looking out for the interest of your creditors.

The Bankruptcy Laws, under Title 11 of the United States Code, are nothing more than a rule book telling everyone how to protect people in debt and their families.

You Deserve Respect

At the Law Office of Mark McClure, we take the time to listen to you.  Bankruptcy Lawyer, Mark McClure, takes the time to listen to you.  We want to know what is going on in your life and your finances.  This way, we can find options for you and a lawyer that will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

In these hard times the last thing you need is to feel judged.  You simply need help. Our bankruptcy lawyers understand.  Bankruptcy laws are laws that protect.  The Law protects your things, your home, your car, your pay checks, and your family.

More Information

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Each of these bankruptcy chapters offer their own advantages and disadvantages.  Your lawyer will figure out the best option for you and your family.  For example, if you have no significant non-exempt assets and modest to low income, Chapter  7 is likely the best chapter for you.  Chapter 13 is an excellent way to go if you make a little too much money or want to save your house.  Chapter 11 is what you have to do if you want to reorganize your business.  Chapter 11 may also be the best option if you have significant income and assets.

Bankruptcy solutions are not for everyone, but everyone should know about them.  Knowledge is power and you need power when you negotiate with your creditors.  Call Mark McClure today to find out what your creditors do not want you to know.

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Call our office and get informed.  After all, your creditors have a lawyer; shouldn’t you?

Call and ask for Mark McClure at 253-631-6484.  We are here ready to listen and help.

For More Information

Another great resource is the bankruptcy court’s website.  you can find it by clicking here:  Bankruptcy Court of Western Washington.


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