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About Sumner, Washington

Thanks to its location near Tacoma, Sumner isn't your typical small town. There are a number of high-income workers living in this city alongside men and women who are forced (by lack of opportunity) to work minimum-wage jobs to try to support their family. The trick to maintaining a good quality of life when moving to Sumner is simple: make sure you have a solid job and at least 6 months of emergency funds in your bank account before making the move.

In terms of economy, Sumner isn't much better or worse than its immediate neighbors. Seattle has a kind of stabilizing effect on neighboring communities so it's virtually impossible to determine whether or not a city is doing well until after the budget has been spent and an audit is conducted. Fortunately, the local government in Sumner has yet to discover any discrepancies between its budget and its financial ledger. Nonetheless, since the per capita income is an average of just $18,696, it can be reasonably assumed that the cost-of-living in Sumner (which is only 34 miles from Seattle) is considerably less than its neighboring cities.

Again, if you're planning to depend on the local economy, moving to Sumner is a mistake. If, however, you've got a job lined up in the city and plan to commute, you can do very well moving to a small city with a significantly lower cost-of-living index.

There's one more thing to consider: Sumner will be one of the first cities hit when Mount Rainier erupts in the future. If you're concerned about Lahar flooding when you least expect it, you may want to consider another city. Though it's perfectly safe to live in Sumner now, it could turn into a deadly situation if Mount Rainier erupts.

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