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About Seattle, Washington

The 22nd most populous area in the US, Seattle Washington has a population of more than 620,000 people. The Seattle metropolitan area boasts a population of more than 3.5 million. Like New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and virtually any other large city, Seattle's large population means a more efficient government, a stronger economy, and a consortium of some of the most innovative minds of the century.

If you're a history buff, you're probably well aware of the fact that a large population almost always means greater diversity. Greater diversity almost always means greater innovation. Ancient Rome is a perfect example. Within the walls of that great city, knowledge from all over the world was gathered together, taught, and developed until the technology was so far in advance of other cultures that they were able to dominate the entire world. While the great minds in Seattle likely aren't planning to take over the world, they have long been dominating technological advances in areas like Internet Marketing, software development, and green energy.

It isn't so much Seattle's population that makes the city such a remarkable place to live as it is its incredibly diverse array of industries. In the great city of Seattle, an ambitious young man can carve out a career for himself doing anything from manufacturing and materials engineering to computer programming, web site design, or even the relatively new field of SEO marketing.

Another advantage of Seattle thanks to its large population is its ethnic diversity. Though the vast majority of Seattle residents are non-Hispanic Whites, there are a wide number of races that make up the cityís minority groups. When many races cohabitate in the same region and learn to accept one another, the resulting "melting pot effect" can stimulate societal and economic development. Perhaps thatís why Seattle has become one of the most highly developed metropolitan economies of the modern world.

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