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About Seatac, Washington

Unlike its neighbor cities, SeaTac does not have the charm of a small city. While its local economy is in great shape in light of the deep recession the entire country has been in for almost a decade, it's about even when compared to other cities in the area. At first glance, you might be inclined to think that SeaTac has some sort of secret for keeping a strong economy during a recession. Once you learned a bit more about the entire region, though, you'd realize that SeaTac really isn't special for a city in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. Thanks to Seattle's diverse economy, nearly all of the cities living in its shadow enjoy low unemployment rates, higher-than-average income levels, and surprisingly stable job markets.

That said, SeaTac does have a few special qualities. First, this city has an unusually high number of successful businesses and offers an enormous percentage of regional jobs. To clarify, SeaTac businesses add 40,000 jobs to the regional job market. There are more than 80 Fortune 1000 companies located in the city.

Another quality that SeaTac possesses that most similar-sized cities throughout the country don't: a number of middle-to-high income neighborhoods. Six of the nine neighborhoods that make up SeaTac are home to people making very comfortable incomes. In short, you could honestly call SeaTac a prosperous city.

If you don't live in the area, you might find it hard to understand how a city this size could offer so many jobs and enjoy such a stable economy. Here's the thing: the Seattle Metropolitan Area generates money through a wide variety of industries, including newer industries such as internet marketing and software development services. Thanks to its racial diversity and incredibly dynamic economy, nearly every suburb of Seattle is thriving. The same principle is at play in San Francisco and New York, New York.

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