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About Renton, Washington

A lot of people who are interested in learning more about Renton are primarily interested in its extremely strong local economy. Admittedly, Renton has perhaps one of the strongest local economies in the country but it also has one of the most unique libraries in the nation as well. The Cedar River Library is built directly over the Cedar River. In fact, there is a walkway in front of the library from which you can actually watch the salmon make their way up the river. It's particularly easy to spot salmon during spawning season.

The library was designed by Johnson-Campanella and company back in 1964. Within the last couple of years, however, the city of Renton and the county library system have proposed plans to build a newer library in the city's downtown core. In August of 2012, Renton residents made their opinion clear when they voted 76% in favor of keeping the library where it is. While impractical, its location is steeped in history.

Like any other city, the residents of Renton value the city's history. They understand the value of sentimentality and wholeheartedly believe that, in order to move forward, you have to be willing to examine the past. This mindset is exactly what's needed in struggling cities throughout the country. When you fail to know the history, you're doomed to repeat it. It's cliché but entirely true.

It might sound funny but the large companies that employ the residents of Renton are only a small piece of the city's culture. While Boeing helps to bring residents together by giving them common ground, the city's many small neighborhoods and the residents' accepting attitudes are the primary reasons why Renton is one of the best cities in Washington in which to live in terms of a sense of community.

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