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About Pacific, Washington

Pacific – a city named after an ocean. What would you expect to find in the 2.6 square miles that make up Pacific city limits? If you're the romantic type, you might instantly think of the profound serenity of the Pacific Ocean and the endless beauty and powerful natural appeal of the open sea. You wouldn't be disappointed. Pacific is about as small of a town as you're going to find in the suburbs of Seattle, yet by its very nature, it can reveal things to you that you've never even considered.

It's interesting that a lot of people from small towns like Pacific look forward to the idea of escaping the mundane for the excitement and adventure of the big city. They long for the crowded, polluted abyss of cities like New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC and honestly believe that they'll find more opportunity than manipulation at the end of their sojourn. Even more curious is that people who've lived in the city all of their lives – some of them at least – long for the peace and quiet of small town life. They long to live in a city like Pacific. They long to get away from the noise, danger, and pollution of the big city. People are always looking for the greener grass; why can't they learn that their own backyard is far better than anything they'd find beyond its borders?

Pacific isn't a perfect city. Moving to this small city wouldn't be like escaping the world; after all, the same kinds of people live in small cities as do big cities. What you can look forward to when you move to a city like Pacific, though, is the sense of security that comes with being able to identify your enemies. In the city, every stranger is potentially someone that'll rob or kill you. In a small city like Pacific, you can get to know your neighbors fairly quickly.

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