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About Fife, Washington

Fife is one of the most racially diverse cities in the region with minority populations of African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native Americans far larger (statistically) than could be found in surrounding cities. Nearly 14% of the population is Hispanic, 6.5% is Asian, 4.14% is Native American, and nearly 7% of the population is African American. Fife is actually one of the few cities in the County in which the non-Hispanic White population is below 85%. Because of this, Fife is probably the best representation of Seattle in terms of demographics in the region.

Racial diversity isn't the only interesting fact about Fife. Fife is bordered by towns such as Milton, Puyallup, Tacoma, and Federal way – towns that have somewhat high average annual household incomes. Yet, while Fife is rife with businesses serving Tacoma, the average annual household income is nearly half of those in the towns surrounding it. This is likely due to the fact that Milton, Puyallup, Federal Way, and other nearby cities are largely commuter communities while Fife businesses provide jobs for locals that are lower paying than what could be found in Tacoma or Seattle. Fife residents don't have to commute to get a job but that convenience comes at a cost: a lower wage.

Another interesting fact about Fife: the Fife Schools System serves other cities besides the City of Fife. Fife Public Schools offer public education to both Fife and Milton Residents, along with residents in Federal Way and Edgewood. Interestingly, despite the broad scope of its schools system, Fife has just one public high school known as Fife High School. Unlike nearby cities, Fife isn't home to any Roman Catholic or Private schools. It is also not home to any colleges or universities. Though there are no post-secondary institutions right in the City of Fife, Dr. Mark Emmert, a notable native of Fife, was President of the University of Washington. Education at all levels is within 50 miles to all Fife residents.

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