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About Des Moines, Washington

Located in King County, Washington, Des Moines was founded between 1792 and 1867 and has a 2012 estimated population of more than 30,000 residents. The city is surrounded by Burien and SeaTac to the north, Kent to the East, Federal Way to the South, and Puget Sound to its west and has a total land area of approximately 6.3 square miles. The most visible asset in the City of Des Moines is the 838 berth small boat marina, which originally opened in 1870 and underwent an expansion 1980 that added 670 foot aluminum and concrete fishing pier on the north end.

Des Moines is home to Saltwater State Park, an 87.4 acre park. The main attraction in Saltwater State Park is the extensive saltwater beachfront, which includes a swimming beach and rocky tide flats commonly enjoyed by scuba divers. There are also a number of nature trails that hikers can enjoy that offer amazing almost-Arial views of the state park and Puget Sound. More than 750,000 visitors make their way to Saltwater State Park every year, making this Des Moines attraction the most-used state park in the Puget Sound region.

In addition to the Saltwater State Park, Des Moines is also home to Des Moines Beach Park (formerly a beach bible camp). Des Moines is not home to any large industries and, as a result, the median household income is in line with the national average. Most families in Des Moines earn about $45,000 a year, though more than 7% of the population lives at or below the poverty line. Educational institutions in Des Moines are limited to Elementary, Middle, and High schools and one community college – Highline Community College.

The demographics in Des Moines are about average for the area with 75% of the population made up of non-Hispanic Whites and significant minorities of African Americans and Asians.

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