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About Bonney Lake, Washington

With a population of over 17,000 people, Bonney Lake is far from the smallest city in the Seattle Metropolitan region. Still, it has one of the weakest local economies. It depends entirely on the region for sustenance. Despite this, Bonney Lake also happens to have one of the highest per capita incomes in the region. It's just one example of many in the area of just how much Seattle's industry impacts the cities surrounding it.

If you studied Bonney Lake-apart from the cities surrounding it – you'd learn a lot about the interplay between the local economy and the number of jobs available to residents. That's not to say that you wouldn't learn more if Bonney Lake where a larger, more independent city. If Bonney Lake were independent of the region, it would be a prime city for study of how the local economy molds the local work force. That is to say, you'd get to see how economic demand is met by an increase in the number of people training for that particular type of job. As it stands, however, the economy of Bonney Lake has little impact on what local residents choose to do for a career.

Compared to its neighboring cities, Bonney Lake is nothing special. In fact, you could say it's identical to nearly every city of similar size in the region – except that Bonney Lake lacks the large parks and other recreational areas the other cities have set aside. It's likely that Bonney Lake hasn't focused on creating large parks because there are a number that they can use in nearby cities. That's a testament to its commuter mindset. Bonney Lake is simply a place to live, while nearby cities are preferable for recreation and employment.

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