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Seattle Probate Lawyer

The loss of a loved on is never an easy life transition. Probate Laws are tedious, and handling them in times of distres make them more daunting. Having an exerienced Seattle Probate Lawyer who compassionately walks you through this often painful process is something money can't buy. At the Probate Law Offices or Mark McClure, we understand this difficult challenges having delt with them personally.

As your Seattle Probate Attorney we will make sure:
  • Creditors are notified & notices published
  • Estate Executors will be guided in the distribution of assets and creditor rights
  • All legal documentation and petitions to will be filed
  • Homestead property if any will be dealt with in accordance to Washington State Law
  • All claims against the estate will be addressed
  • Any pending lawsuits will be handled
  • Estate assets pursuat to any Will, may be sold to correct distribution of assets and pay debts
  • Taxes; property, gift, income, interest, and inheritance will be addressed
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About Seattle, Washington

Regardless of where you live, you’re probably already well-aware of the following rule of life: if the local economy supports a strong income, you can expect to pay more for the basic necessities. Likewise, if the local economy is exceedingly depressed and most of the locals are struggling to make ends meet, you can expect things like rent, groceries, and luxuries to be far less expensive than you’d expect in a thriving city. Seattle is no exception to this rule. While the median per-capita income is $30,306 ($62,195 per family), Seattle has a cost of living index of 142.2. That means that living in Seattle is more expensive than living in nearly any other city in the U.S. The only question is: is it worth it?

Of course, the cost of living isn't the best way to judge a city's economy. Seattle has an amazing mix of industries. While there are a number of older industrial companies in Seattle, there are also a wide variety of technology and Internet companies. The Seattle metropolitan area brings in a whopping 231 billion dollars per year, and much of that is due to the utilization of high technology. Like Silicon Valley, many of Seattle's youngest and brightest entrepreneurs are making use of the city's strong economy by starting companies that quickly grow and further contribute to the economy.

If you're wondering if it's expensive to live in Seattle, the answer is yes. What you have to take into consideration is that, because of the city's strong economy, you will also be making more money - it evens out. Far more important than the city's cost of living is its culture, its strong economy, and the wealth of opportunity that you can only find in a city as vibrant and diverse as Seattle. While there are many cities that offer a lower cost of living, few cities offer the high wages and steady business growth that Seattle boasts.

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