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Pacific Probate Lawyer

The loss of a loved on is never an easy life transition. Probate Laws are tedious, and handling them in times of distres make them more daunting. Having an exerienced Pacific Probate Lawyer who compassionately walks you through this often painful process is something money can't buy. At the Probate Law Offices or Mark McClure, we understand this difficult challenges having delt with them personally.

As your Pacific Probate Attorney we will make sure:
  • Creditors are notified & notices published
  • Estate Executors will be guided in the distribution of assets and creditor rights
  • All legal documentation and petitions to will be filed
  • Homestead property if any will be dealt with in accordance to Washington State Law
  • All claims against the estate will be addressed
  • Any pending lawsuits will be handled
  • Estate assets pursuat to any Will, may be sold to correct distribution of assets and pay debts
  • Taxes; property, gift, income, interest, and inheritance will be addressed
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About Pacific, Washington

There's an interesting thread that runs through nearly all of the cities in the Seattle Metropolitan Area: a strong economy and open, caring residents. The level of racial diversity in these cities is proof positive that prejudice can't be overwhelmingly common in the region but, if you'd like stronger evidence, take a close look at very small cities like Pacific. With a population of less than 7,000, Pacific is probably the smallest city in the Seattle Metropolitan Area, yet it is as diverse as cities more than ten times its size.

Diversity notwithstanding, Pacific is somewhat unique when compared to its neighbors. There's a slower pace to life, a style of relaxed living that you just can't find in a city like Seattle. That's not to say that the locals aren't as ambitious as those living in a big city. It's merely that people living in Pacific know how to enjoy life. They recognize the fact that we are all but dust in the wind, that working non-stop toward some arbitrary goal of "making more money" or "getting that promotion" is folly. While many people living in the big cities surrounding Pacific are no doubt intelligent, Pacific residents have a brand of wisdom that escapes most of today's "civilized" world.

We could all learn a lesson from cities like Pacific: worrying about tomorrow will only ruin your today. If you spend all of your life trying to build a legacy, you'll only be disappointed when time tears that legacy to the ground. It's truly amazing that such eternal truths can be found in a city that many mistake to be a small neighborhood of Auburn.

When you're feeling lost and it seems like the walls of your big city are closing in on you, taking a vacation in a town like Pacific can help you orient yourself, get your priorities in order, and start to really enjoy life.

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