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Covington Probate Lawyer

The loss of a loved on is never an easy life transition. Probate Laws are tedious, and handling them in times of distres make them more daunting. Having an exerienced Covington Probate Lawyer who compassionately walks you through this often painful process is something money can't buy. At the Probate Law Offices or Mark McClure, we understand this difficult challenges having delt with them personally.

As your Covington Probate Attorney we will make sure:
  • Creditors are notified & notices published
  • Estate Executors will be guided in the distribution of assets and creditor rights
  • All legal documentation and petitions to will be filed
  • Homestead property if any will be dealt with in accordance to Washington State Law
  • All claims against the estate will be addressed
  • Any pending lawsuits will be handled
  • Estate assets pursuat to any Will, may be sold to correct distribution of assets and pay debts
  • Taxes; property, gift, income, interest, and inheritance will be addressed
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About Covington, Washington

If you studied the demographics of cities around the Seattle Metropolitan Area, you'd find that there is a higher population, on average, of Caucasians in the region. Yet, these areas are paradoxically the most diverse in the country. While a lot of other big cities are black and white and little of anything else, the cities surrounding Seattle have a healthy mix of Asian, Hispanic, Pacific islanders, African Americans, and Caucasians. Covington is no exception to this rule.

If you'd like a good, clear idea of the demographics in Covington, imagine that the world were a flat piece of paper. Now, fold that piece of paper so that all of the edges meet each other. That's essentially the demography of Covington and many of the cities surrounding it. Walking down the street in this city is like a walking around the world. That's actually a huge advance for these cities. When you've got such diversity in such a small area - the population of Covington is only 18,000 - you can almost bet that there's going to be a higher incidence of innovation and an equally high rate of acceptance amongst neighbors.

The great thing about cities like Covington is at all this diversity creates a melting pot. Modern sociologists believe that America has become a mixing bowl, but in small towns like Covington, immigrants still accept American ways the way immigrants did for the past several centuries.

A lot of people are afraid that studying demographics is racist, that talking about demographics openly will offend minorities. The flaw in this logic is thinking that the one studying those demographics is automatically prejudiced. In reality, knowing the demographics can open your mind and help you understand that a variety of races in a region can be a good thing - and often is.

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