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Burien Probate Lawyer

The loss of a loved on is never an easy life transition. Probate Laws are tedious, and handling them in times of distres make them more daunting. Having an exerienced Burien Probate Lawyer who compassionately walks you through this often painful process is something money can't buy. At the Probate Law Offices or Mark McClure, we understand this difficult challenges having delt with them personally.

As your Burien Probate Attorney we will make sure:
  • Creditors are notified & notices published
  • Estate Executors will be guided in the distribution of assets and creditor rights
  • All legal documentation and petitions to will be filed
  • Homestead property if any will be dealt with in accordance to Washington State Law
  • All claims against the estate will be addressed
  • Any pending lawsuits will be handled
  • Estate assets pursuat to any Will, may be sold to correct distribution of assets and pay debts
  • Taxes; property, gift, income, interest, and inheritance will be addressed
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About Burien, Washington

Burien has an estimated 2012 population of more than 48,000 residents, making it the 21st largest city in the entire state of Washington. The incredible 2.9% population increase in just one year is due largely to the annexation of North Highline, a previously unincorporated area of King County that had a population of more than 14,000 residents.

Burien was itself an unincorporated area in King County until 1993. A few of the events leading to the incorporation of Burien include the Port of Seattle's airport runway expansion and out-of-control proliferation of two and three family homes in the area. The name Burien was decided upon for incorporation but the area was originally known as Sunnydale. Burien has long been appreciated by neighboring cities for its natural beauty. In fact, visitors from Seattle would visit Three Tree Point – just outside of town – to swim and sunbathe. The city is no less accommodating to people looking to relax in the 21st century.

Because of its total land area and somewhat large population, Burien contracts with the King County Sheriff's Office for police services rather than owning and operating its own police department. The city requires 41 police personnel (mainly patrol officers, detectives, and support staff) and a full-time Chief of Police to protect the city. All of the deputies assigned to Burien drive around in Burien police cruisers and wear Burien uniforms. The city also maintains relationships with fire departments in neighboring communities for help during fire emergencies.

Burien is probably best-known for its high quality school system. The Highline School District operates Highline High School, Sylvester Middle School, and a number of elementary schools. Burien is also home to a number of Catholic schools, most notably John F Kennedy Catholic High School and St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School. The city also has a 32,000 square foot public library maintained by the King County Library System.

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