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Tacoma Personal Injury Lawyer

Car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, are traumatic life changing events. Having an Tacoma personal injury lawyer that understands the challenges you face, gives you the peace of mind that justice will be done. At the Law Offices of Mark McClure, our experienced Tacoma personal injury attorneys will make sure your injuries are treated and fight for the legal compensation you deserve.

Our Tacoma Personal Injury Attorneys specialize in:
  • Auto / Truck Accidents
  • Slip and Falls
  • Dog Bite
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Subrogation
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About Tacoma, Washington

Across the country, utility companies are typically owned and operated by private individuals. In Tacoma, the city owns and operates all public utilities. Abbreviated TPU, Tacoma Public Utilities is the city's largest employer, with more than 1200 people working to keep the electricity flowing and the water clean.

Tacoma's Electric System is perhaps one of the cleanest in the country, with more than 713,000 kW being produced by eight hydroelectric plants. Tacoma water, another subsidiary of TPU, provides clean water to nearly all residents of Tacoma via the Green River watershed. Tacoma also operates a garbage collection service, a city owned cable service, and a recycling service. All of these services are operated under the umbrella of TPU and generate a significant amount of the city's overall income.

With the success of Tacoma's Public Utilities companies, it's amazing to think that more cities aren't following their lead. Of course, Tacoma's public utilities aren't the only thing that sets Tacoma apart from the rest. It seems that Tacoma is simply more geared toward more efficient government and a cleaner environment. That may be due to the fact that Tacoma has a higher than usual concentration of intelligent, educated people or it may be due to the fact that Tacoma was founded and grew in a financially prosperous setting. As they say, commerce makes the world go 'round; apparently, it also makes city governments smarter.

There are quite a few parallels between Tacoma, Washington and larger cities such as San Francisco, California. Though much smaller than a metropolitan city like New York, Tacoma functions nothing like a similar size city would in Pennsylvania, Indiana, or Georgia. It truly is a testament to the efficacy of the council-manager system of local government. Only time will tell if the rest of the country will catch on.

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