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Maple Valley Bankruptcy Lawyer

Financial problems, credit card debt, student loan debt, medical bills, foreclosure problems, are overwhelming problems. Having a Maple Valley bankruptcy lawyer that has experience, understanding, and empathy for the problems that you face makes the process of bankruptcy easier, more acceptable, and provides you with the stress relief that you need. At the Law Office of Mark McClure, our experienced Maple Valley bankruptcy attorneys will make sure your financial problems are treated with dignity and respect and will fight to protect your family's assets, vehicles, and home utilizing the laws to your maximum benefit.

Our Maple Valley Bankruptcy Attorneys focus on:
  • Stopping Garnishments
  • Stopping Lawsuits
  • Restoring Driver's Licenses and eliminating Traffic Tickets
  • Eliminating Medical Bills
  • Eliminating Credit Card Bills
  • Managing Student Loan Debt
  • Stopping Foreclosures
  • Stripping Second Mortgages
  • Stripping HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) Loans
  • Providing You will financial control and peace of mind
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About Maple Valley, Washington

Incorporated on August 31, 1997, Maple Valley is nearly identical to its neighbor cities in King County, Washington. With a population of 23, 139 and a total land area of 5.6 sq miles, this city has come a long way from its original founding back in 1879. Maple Valley started with three men bringing their families along with them while they were trying to improve a trail in the area. In time, the small community grew and residents began to consider prospective names for their town. With a vote of 2/3, the town was named Vine Maple Valley and, a few years later, the Post Office shortened the name to Maple Valley because Vine made the city name too long.

In those humble times, the town's income was mostly derived through mining, milling, and railroad work. As time went on and the railroads brought in more people, the town grew inward. New businesses sprung up to cater to the needs of locals and the economy thrived. Schools sprouted into existence (though the first school was a simple two-room building) and the pace slowly increased as Maple Valley grew from a small community to a full-fledged city.

With the 1920s came the opening of resorts and an increase in tourism revenue, which spurred the construction of a new highway in the 1960s between Auburn and North Bend. The city continued to grow and the population saw a dramatic increase in the 1990s. Nowadays, the city's main industry is retail, with shopping centers and gas stations being the main employers in the area.

Maple valley is not a terribly unique city when compared to its neighbors in King County. Like so many other cities with a somewhat meager population, it relies heavily on retail and lacks the manufacturing and high-technology companies that were so common before World War II.

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Attractions Home Improvement Nursery
Auto Repair Hotels Parks
Carpenters Jobs Plumbers
Contractors Landscaping Restaurant
Electricians Markets Schools
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