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Covington Bankruptcy Lawyer

Financial problems, credit card debt, student loan debt, medical bills, foreclosure problems, are overwhelming problems. Having a Covington bankruptcy lawyer that has experience, understanding, and empathy for the problems that you face makes the process of bankruptcy easier, more acceptable, and provides you with the stress relief that you need. At the Law Office of Mark McClure, our experienced Covington bankruptcy attorneys will make sure your financial problems are treated with dignity and respect and will fight to protect your family's assets, vehicles, and home utilizing the laws to your maximum benefit.

Our Covington Bankruptcy Attorneys focus on:
  • Stopping Garnishments
  • Stopping Lawsuits
  • Restoring Driver's Licenses and eliminating Traffic Tickets
  • Eliminating Medical Bills
  • Eliminating Credit Card Bills
  • Managing Student Loan Debt
  • Stopping Foreclosures
  • Stripping Second Mortgages
  • Stripping HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) Loans
  • Providing You will financial control and peace of mind
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About Covington, Washington

Originally known as Jenkins Prairie, Covington was incorporated in 1997 on the 31st of August. Believe it or not, it began as a railroad city. That is to say, it sprung up around the newly installed Northern Pacific Railway. More than 100 years later, Covington largely depends on retail businesses in the area to generate income. In fact, the largest employers in this area are Wal-Mart, Carl's Junior, Applebee's, and Kohl's.

Unlike cities in Ohio and Pennsylvania that also rely on retail businesses, Covington has the added benefit of being near a major city like Seattle. You could actually call Covington the mall of the Seattle Metropolitan Area. Rather than suffering from a sluggish economy because of its emphasis on retail, this city, with a population of just under 18,000, actually has a pretty stable economy.

Now, the city has only been known as Covington since 1997. Before that, it was merely an unincorporated area of Kent, Washington. Not surprisingly, the public schools in the city are part of the Kent School District. And, though this city contracts with the King County Sheriff's Office for police services, all deputies assigned the city of Covington wear uniforms and drive patrol cars marked with the city's logo. The city also has to rely on the Kent Fire Department and Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety for fire protection in the city.

Despite relying on other cities for such vital services, Covington is far from a dependent city. The economy has grown rapidly since 1997 and shows no signs of slowing even in this recession. Case in point: in 2009, a UPS store and Bank of America branch opened in Covington. Also, the company that created the current retail center is expected to expand into the area occupied by the woods across from Costco.

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